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Your help is needed to ensure continued development of the science and engineering profession in this country. Attending a four-year public college costs 64% more than it did 20 years ago. According to a recent College Board report, the average costs nationwide (tuition, fees, room and board) at a public institution (in-state) is now $26,027 or $104,108 over four years, and at a private university it is now $55,840 or $223,360 over four years. As a result, many students must borrow heavily to finance their education. Forbes magazine estimates that the average student loan debt in the state of Washington is now more than $35,000 and on average takes more than twenty years to repay.

The Need

The number of American students enrolled in engineering and science curricula is far below that needed to meet our nation’s future requirements in these critical disciplines. While college costs have increased dramatically, the availability of traditional scholarship assistance has decreased. Many potential engineering and science students simply can’t afford college.

Purpose of Our Organization

The Puget Sound Engineering and Science Scholarship Fund (PSE&SSF) is a non-profit corporation that encourages high school and college scholarship in engineering and science. We provide students with access to the resources necessary to succeed in studying, participating, and contributing as science and engineering professionals. PSE&SSF is administered by active and retired scientists and engineers who volunteer without compensation. In time we will broaden our mission to offer programs at the grade school level.

Our Accomplishments

Since 2001, the PSE&SSF has awarded 486 scholarships to high school and college students throughout the Puget Sound area to pursue education in science or engineering. The awards have ranged from $500 to $5,000 and totaled $722,000. Over ninety five percent of every dollar received has gone directly to scholarships. Recipients are chosen solely on the basis of demonstrated dedication to their studies, financial need, and contribution to their communities.

Our Request

Please help build the next generation of scientists and engineers that will in turn create our future. We know times are tough and resources scarce, however any amount you can spare will make an enormous difference to some deserving student. Please join us in investing in the future with a tax deductible gift for the year. We are counting on you to help us meet this challenge and make college a little more affordable again.

Contact information for the entire Board as well as mailing address is located within the Contact Us tab of the website.

How to Donate

PSE&SSF can accept donations via U.S. Mail and PayPal.

  ⚬ PayPal donations my be made utilizing the Donation button below

  ⚬ Donations made by checks through the U.S. Mail should be mailed to:

          PSE&SSF Treasurer

          Puget Sound Engineering and Science Scholarship Fund

          4 Midnight Court

          Bellingham, WA 98229

    Please address checks to:

    Puget Sound Engineering and Science Scholarship Fund

  ⚬ For donations over $1,500, PSE&SSF can create a scholarship in your name or your firm’s name and allow you to designate a discipline and/or school or express other preferences. The Puget Sound Engineering and Science Scholarship Fund 2023 Donor Information and Form can be downloaded using the following link. Puget Sound Engineering and Science Scholarship Fund 2023 Donor Information and Form